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What's on offer

Whatever you need, I'm with you every step of the way. And I'll serve it all up in a way that works for you.


Some blokes like daily doses of encouragement, support, challenges and motivation - others just like the odd check-in now and again to keep them focused and on track.

Man Doing Pushup

Brain Injury Support

Get your first 5 sessions free. Having suffered multiple concussions as a young rugby player, then a traumatic brain injury more recently, I know just how difficult living with a brain injury can be.


After two years of research and therapy, I'm almost back to normal. I'll share my journey with you and show you how I've used the latest research and rehabilitation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and the role of nutrition and sleep to get my life back.  

Longevity Coach

We're talking quality and quantity here. This is for men who want to extend their healthspan. Healthspan is that period of your life when you are healthy, well and able to do whatever you want.


Lifespan is how long you live and the two are quite different. Statistics show that while lifespan is increasing, our sedentary, stressful lifestyles, and poor nutirition and sleep mean our healthspan is declining.


Let me show you how you can add 25 years to your healthspan. 

Rollercoaster Ride

What are your options?

From casual sessions to a 12 week plan, we have a range of options to suit all needs and budgets. The pricing is the same for Health Coaching or Longevity Coaching. Simply choose the package that works best for you. 

Why not start with our 'try before you buy' session? A free 15 minute consultation where you can ask me anything and see if health coaching is for you. If you're in Christchurch, we can meet up in person, otherwise we can talk via Zoom, Google Meet, or on the phone. Whatever suits.

Business Trip

Discovery Session

$99 one-off charge

We'll unpack it all in this 90 minute session; the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll look at what your current lifestyle is like, what's working, what's not, then set some goals and make a plan to achieve them. Included free with the 4, 8 & 12 week plan. 

The Leap

4 Week - Take the Leap

$50 per week

Keen to make some real change and have me there alongside to support you? This 28 day package starts with a 90 minute Discovery session and gives you access to a 30 minute weekly catch up along with support in between times. 

Outdoor Fitness

Keep it casual

$60 per session

Want to make a start, but not ready to commit? Our casual coaching session is the way to go. We'll have 30 minutes together on an as needed basis, to talk, plan, and take action to keep you on track to achieve your goals. 

Sports Car in Storm

8 Week - Accelerate

$45 per week 

Commit to the 8 week plan and you won't look back. You'll start with a 90 minute Discovery Session, then get a 30 minute weekly coaching session every week for 8 weeks, along with additional training and support to help you achieve your goals.


At your service

$99 per week 

The all access pass, well almost! After a 90 minute Discovery Session, we'll get to work. Expect daily check-ins, feedback and conversations around fitness, sleep, nutrition, motivation. Whatever you need,  I'm there to help you out. 


Lifting a Bike

12 Week - Transform 
$40 per week

The game changer. We'll work together for 12 weeks, kicking off with a 90 minute Discovery Session,  then a weekly 30 minute check-in. You'll receive support, advice, training and encouragement to help you  transform your life.  

Service Name

Describe one of your services

Service Name 

Describe one of your services

Service Name 

Describe one of your services

For one and for all. 

Looking for an inspiring speaker for your next event? Look no further. I'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch. 

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