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Believe. Achieve.

One-to-one health coaching to help you live your best life. 

Power up your life

Stuck in a rut? Battling the bulge? Have the vision but no motivation? Mentorque is a men's health coaching service designed to help you get your life on track. 

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Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Mike. Think of me as part life coach, part fitness trainer, part nutritionist, and a general sounding board and mentor to help you feel good, look great, and achieve your life goals.


As a certified Health and Wellness Coach, my unique style of coaching focuses on every facet of your life. Together we'll get you living your best life.

We'll look at every area of your life and work together to achieve your goals. 

No goals? No worries.
We can work them out together.


“Mike keeps it real and supports and advises without judgement. He helped me stay accountable and develop healthy habits that have really helped improve my general wellbeing.”


“A game-changer. Mike was easy to talk to, and knowledgable in so many areas. His advice has been invaluable. Now I feel in control of my life again and I'm motivated to keep fit, stay healthy and make time for me!”


“Mike has been instrumental in helping me turn my life around. He is genuine, knowledgeable, and a great source of inspiration.”


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